If you’re looking to include a new driveway in your property, this is the first question that would pop into your mind and rightly so.

Estimating the cost will enable you to decide the type of driveway you want to go with. We have included the complete pricing details of a new driveway project along with the tips to reduce the cost.

Have a look.

How Much Would it Cost To Construct a New Driveway in Nottingham?

If you go with the super big company, you’ll have to pay more. They have these subcontractors who would sublease it to someone else and there’s too many added layers of middlemen that will dent your pockets significantly. You’re talking about anywhere from eight to twelve pounds a square feet. And it makes sense. Bigger the company, the more the cost will be.

You will most probably have a normal driveway which is a two car side by side 20 feet by 25 feet tall wide 500 square feet big. Big companies normally charge anywhere between five to six thousand pounds.

However, smaller companies don’t charge a big margin on the profit because they are partner owned and the owner usually works with the labourers on the location. So, these small contractors or companies can give you a much affordable price anywhere between six to eight pounds per square feet.

In conclusion, a normal driveway in Nottingham can cost anywhere from the three thousand to four thousand pounds with a small company. This is a reasonable price because a normal driveway uses about eight cubic yards of your property’s space. Eight cubic yards can cost about twelve hundred pounds just for the material.

Keeping the Driveway Cost Down

In order to get a reasonable price for your work we have laid out the following tips:

  • Get at least 3 quotes from local paving companies: This gives you the chance to get a feel for what would be a fair patio or driveway cost. Prices can vary wildly and it doesn’t always pay to choose the cheapest or most expensive option.
  • Ask friends and family for recommended contractors: Reviews are hard to find online for this type of work so getting a personal recommendation is a great way to find a contractor you can trust.
  • Avoid paying cash in hand. One thinks that he might get a cheaper patio or driveway cost if he pays cash in hand, but you will not have a legally binding guarantee. If you must do business this way, do not pay anything upfront.
  • Let contractors suggest materials: If you use natural stone from a catalogue it could be far more expensive than India Stone sourced by your contractor. This can drive costs down a lot.
  • Consider having the work done later in the year: If you are not desperate for the work to be done in summer, it is likely to be a little cheaper to wait and let the company come back in winter.

Final Word

For almost the same labour cost, big companies can charge you significantly higher than the smaller contractors. Moreover, a smaller contractor would be physically present on the site and will ensure the concrete (or any other foundation) is properly layered.

It can cost anywhere between 4-8 GBP to get your driveway constructed. Use the tips mentioned in this article to choose the best contractor.