How to Remove Stains from Block Paving

Block Paving is the ideal surface to be used anywhere — on driveways, patios or pathways. When it is correctly laid by professionals, it can really look really fantastic. It will be a long-lasting surface that will provide many years of service.

Block paving can also be mixed and combined with other surfaces, such as tarmacadam, and when this is done, it can create a superb feature. For example, you can have a large tarmac driveway area with a block paving circle feature in the middle using a particular style.

The designs and styles of bricks/blocks that you can choose from also vary greatly, and you will have a massive selection to choose from before you decide on which you prefer the most.

However, block paving is also easily susceptible to oil stains. This can ruin your driveway’s aesthetic. This article deals with an effective way to clean the block pavers. Have a look.

Removing Stains

Start by treating the stain with some resin cloth dipped in stain remover. Now the stain must be dry so you can’t use it once you’ve started pressure washing and the blocks have become wet. Apply the oil stain across the stain.

After that, give it a bit of a scrub. Agitate it and then pressure wash it away once it’s sat there for a few minutes. Let it be for approximately thirty minutes until it dries out. Depending upon the stain’s stubbornness, it might need a second round, but you can’t do it until it’s dried out. Once you’re back,  apply the stain removing agent and repeat the above process again.

The next step is to pressure wash the area using the turbo nozzle. It is one of the most powerful attachments for the pressure washer. It’s also great for spot cleaning of stubborn stains.

Make sure you give it a good rinse and apply as much oil stain remover as you can. Once it becomes wet, pressure wash it nicely.


Another important block paving cleaning tip is to make a mental note of where your stain is so that you can gauge the cleaning agent’s effectiveness. You can even mark the position with a cone. That way, you will know the area you were working on.

Once done, you will see a pretty good result. If you still see signs of stain, you can treat it again the same way until you can’t distinguish between the normal area and affected area anymore. Once it dries out completely, you should see the stain turning less visible.

Don’t forget to clean the rest of the driveway once you have eliminated the stain completely.


Removing stains from block paving isn’t a tricky task. However, if you don’t know the right way of doing it, things may seem overwhelming. One major takeaway from this article is re-applying and rinsing the affected area until the stain is completely gone.

Use the tips mentioned in this article and ensure a thorough stain cleaning of the blocks.

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