If you think that the driveway construction is just meant to park your cars, think again. If looked at properly, it adds to your property’s value and enhances its overall looks.

Having said that, there are a few driveway planning tips you mustn’t ignore. We have included the important ones in this article, have a look.

Answer The Important Questions

First things first, you need to seek answers to a few important questions, like:

  • What’s your family size – small, medium or large?
  • How many teens are there in your family?
  • How many cars are there in your family?
  • How much space can you allocate to the driveway?

The number of people in the family and teens decide the functionality and size of the driveway. If there are teens that will be driving soon, consider allocating bigger space to the driveway to house more cars. You can also consider replacing the old tarmac with a fresh block paving driveways.


Once you have figured answers to the important questions, you need to keep the driveway’s ease of access in mind. Make sure that the cars can reverse properly and the driveway properly connects to the main road. Moreover, car doors should open without crashing with each other.


Shrubs and trees are a great way to add an aesthetic appeal to the driveway, in addition to keeping the environment cool. However, the tree roots often dive deep into the ground and can interfere with the electric and telecommunication cables. Moreover, their excavation during property selling will also lead to several land issues. Consult a good driveway planner so that such issues are kept at bay right from the start.

Accessorising Your Driveway

Accessories are meant to complement the functionality of an item, and driveways are no different. You can implement several driveway ideas to make it an attractive place for you and the visitors. One such idea is to install LED lights on the shrubs and trees you have planted. The lights will add a luxurious feel to the place while keeping it appropriately lit during the night. You can also choose from the various kerb options depending upon your home’s design. For example, you can go with Drivesys Roundtop Edging for a contemporary driveway look or a Drivesett Kerb for a traditional appeal.


Cost is one of the important factors when planning a driveway. We’d advise going with the 20/80 approach. The products cost 20% of the total project, whereas the installation and labour charges make up the rest 80%. You need to specify your budget beforehand so that your contractor can give you proper estimates. Your contractor will also tell you about expenses that may be under your budget, which you thought were out of bounds.

Wrapping Up

Planning a driveway takes up a lot of efforts. You need to answer the important questions, develop proper estimates and choose a design that goes well with the house’s design. You can always accessorise the driveway to take it’s looks and functionality to the next level.

Take cues from this article to design a driveway of your dreams!